IELTS Test Centre Abbotsford


              IELTS Test Centre Abbotsford

             IELTS Test Centre Abbotsford

IELTS Test Centre Abbotsford: Victory ESL

Victory ESL is a new IELTS Test Centre location in Abbotsford through Eurocentres Canada.  To find out about the next IELTS test, please visit this website:

For any IELTS related questions, please contact:

Chris Curl - Eurocentres
E-mail:         Telephone: 778-328-7942


Enroll in one of our specialized IELTS classes to help you prepare and give you the tools and confidence in order to pass this often difficult test.


 IELTS Test Centre Abbotsford - Eurocentres

IELTS Test Centre Abbotsford - Eurocentres

             IELTS Test Centre Abbotsford

            IELTS Test Centre Abbotsford


If you would like to study at university, at an undergraduate / graduate level, or join a professional association where English is a prerequisite, you will need to pass the IELTS Academic Test. 

Here are some links to help you:

  1. Immigration Canada Express Entry
  2. IELTS Practice Tests


If you need to apply for the Express Entry or any other PR (Permanent Resident) Immigration Program, you will need to pass the IELTS General Training Test in order to establish yourself in Canada.  Here are some links to help you:

  1. Immigration Canada Express Entry
  2. IELTS Practice Tests

Abbotsford Homestay

Abbotsford Homestay

Are you looking for a homestay in Abbotsford? Here are some excellent links to help you find a place to stay in Abbotsford whether you are an Abbotsford ESL student or just a visitor looking for a place to stay for the short term.

Here are some excellent Abbotsford Homestay links. Please click on the links below.

1. Abbotsford Homestay Finder

2. Homestay Abbotsford

3. Abbotsford Homestay

4. Abbotsford Homestay Bay

Global Partners International (GPI North America) 
    Call the office to find out more information

6. Northview Church (Available Housing in Abbotsford)
    Click on "Housing available"

7. Abbotsford Craigslist

Abbotsford ESL Grammar Lesson #2: Vowel Sounds of English

Abbotsford ESL Grammar Lesson #2: Vowel Sounds of English

If you've had enough now with the English alphabet, let's move on to the sounds of English.  Unfortunately, every letter in the English alphabet does not match every sound in English.  There are about 40 sounds in English and only 26 letters, so that's why there is a problem when it comes to learning the sounds of English.  In English we have about 16 vowel sounds, but our alphabet only lets you see 5 maybe 6 letters (a, e, i, o, u, [y] ).  So let's try to figure out what the common missing vowel sounds are.  Are you ready to learn all the vowel sounds of English?

1.  "iy" = green tree, [beat]

2.  "ɪ" = pink pin, [bit]

3.  "ey" = play baseball, [bait]

4.  "ɛ" = red dress, [bet]

5.  "æ" = black cat, [bat]

6.  "ɑ" = hot pot, [bot]

7.  "ʊ̈" = blue moon, [boot]

8.  "ʊ" = full pull, [bull]

9.  "o" = oh no!, [boat]

10. "ə" = uh huh, um, upon, and a [but]

11.  "ɑʊ" = ow! out house, [about]

12.  "ɑi" = I, my, pie, [bite]

13.  "ɔɪ" = oil, noise, [toilet]

14.  "ɚ" = turn, burn, first, [Burt]

15.  "ɑr" = car, far, [Bart]

To practice hearing these vowel sounds please visit the following websites:

1. (Main Vowels)

2. (More Vowels)

3. (Extra Practice)

Abbotsford ESL Grammar Lesson #1: English Alphabet

Abbotsford ESL Grammar Lesson #1: English Alphabet

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student, you must know some basic English grammar.

This first English grammar point we will look at is the English alphabet.  Yes, it's true, we are going to look at the lowercase and uppercase alphabet.  The reason for this is that I've personally had grade 12 high school students in Abbotsford and the surrounding cities not be able to write the English alphabet perfectly.  This should not be the case, especially since so much of our communication these days is in writing.  You should memorize the following:

Uppercase English Alphabet:


Lowercase English Alphabet:

a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p r s t u v w x y z

Practice writing both uppercase and lowercase using a pen or pencil and a piece of paper every day to keep the English letters fresh in your mind.  :-)

For the next lesson, we will focus on English sounds and the problem of why speaking English is so hard for students of English.

Work in Abbotsford?

Work in Abbotsford?

 Work in Abbotsford, BC

Work in Abbotsford, BC

Are you looking to work in Abbotsford? Then I have a good website to help you find many different types of jobs that are specifically located in the city of Abbotsford. A really helpful place to find information is AbbotsfordWORKS, which is part of an organization called WorkBC.  There are three locations:

1. Abbotsford Works

103- 33255 S. Fraser Way Abbotsford, BC Ph: 604.859.4500

2. Apollo Centre

203-3600 Townline Rd. Abbotsford, BC Phone: 604.859.7686

3. Triangle Community Resources

33760 Essendene Ave. Abbotsford, BC 604.859.0033

Now if you are looking to find work in Abbotsford, you can also visit this website: WorkBC Job Postings in Abbotsford. This should help you look at a lot of jobs that are available in the city.  If you have any other questions please contact one of the three offices.

Abbotsford Park for ESL Students

Abbotsford Park for ESL Students

Are you looking to find a nice park to visit with your family or friends? There are many parks in Abbotsford for an ESL student to visit.  First, I would suggest Mill Lake, which is by Sevenoaks Mall. Here are a few pictures of Mill Lake.

Quiet Abbotsford Park for Abbotsford ESL Students?

Abbotsford Park for ESL Students | Glen Valley Abbotsford | Abbotsford ESL | Chilliwack ESL | Langley ESL |

Are you looking for a less busy park? Mill Lake is a nice park, but it can be quite busy since it is so beautiful.  If you are looking for a park that is quieter, you should check out Glen Valley Park, which is nestled along the Fraser River! This park is located on River Road in Langley/Abbotsford between 272nd Street and the dead end of River Road just east of Bradner Road in Abbotsford. If you hike west along the trail you can make it to Fort Langley, the birthplace of British Columbia! There are many nice shops to visit and restaurants to enjoy the local food in Fort Langley.

 Map Glen Valley Regional Park | Abbotsford Park for ESL Students | Abbotsford ESL | Langley ESL | Chilliwack ESL

Map Glen Valley Regional Park | Abbotsford Park for ESL Students | Abbotsford ESL | Langley ESL | Chilliwack ESL

HighStreet Mall in Abbotsford

HighStreet Mall in Abbotsford

The HighStreet Mall in Abbotsford, BC, is a brand new mall only 1 hour away from Vancouver! Victory ESL is only 5 minutes from this new mall, and from the nearest bus stop too.

If you have never been to the HighStreet Mall, you should visit it, since it has a different look compared to other malls in Abbotsford, and there are a lot of different shops to choose from. One excellent place is the view at the movie theatre where you can eat a nice meal and enjoy a beautiful sunset from their eating area overlooking the western horizon.

For more information on HighStreet and events happening around Abbotsford, please check out the following link:

If you are looking to eat, I would try an excellent restaurant -- Famoso's Pizza.  Good food, good service, you will have a very nice experience there.  It is also next to the new VIP movie theatre as well.  For more information about Famoso's Pizza in Abbotsford you can check out reviews here: Famoso's Pizza Abbotsford Reviews

Korean Restaurant in Abbotsford

Excellent Korean Restaurant in Abbotsford

Are you looking for a Korean restaurant in Abbotsford? Well I have to tell you along with my wife about an excellent place. It is called Noodle Road. They have high class chefs working from Korea to provide only the best tasting ethnic Korean food.  The Korean restaurant is located in Abbotsford near Clearbrook Road and South Fraser Way. They also like to give you free appetizers on occasion too, so if you are looking for some Asian cuisine such as: sushi, Korean BBQ, fried rice, teriyaki, lunch boxes, dinner boxes, and more, you should definitely come and visit this excellent restaurant that will make you feel like you are back in Korea with the rich savory tastes of the food they cook.

 Korean Restaurant in Abbotsford " Noodle Road"  | ESL in Abbotsford | Abbotsford ESL Classes | English Classes for Adults in Abbotsford    

Korean Restaurant in Abbotsford "Noodle Road" | ESL in Abbotsford | Abbotsford ESL Classes | English Classes for Adults in Abbotsford


Welcome to the Abbotsford ESL Blog

Abbotsford ESL Blog

If it is your first time or your 10th time here, it is great to have you stop by Victory ESL and welcome to the Abbotsford ESL Blog. We are located in beautiful Abbotsford, BC, which is about 1 hour from the city of Vancouver, BC.  Being located an hour outside of Vancouver gives many opportunities for students to practice and learn English much faster since the international population isn’t as large.  This is a great benefit for any student thinking of coming to study here.

In the upcoming blog posts,  I will be sharing some English lessons with you so that you can learn outside of the class too. If you have any specific English questions as well, please contact our office at office@victoryesl.comI would be happy to provide answers to your difficult English questions.

Talk to you soon!