ESL Classes for Adults

Pronunciation Levels 3-5 | Abbotsford ESL

Pronunciation Levels 3-5 | Abbotsford ESL

Pronunciation LEVELs 3 - 5 (CLB 4-8)

*CLB = Canada Language Benchmarks

  • The goal of this class is to improve one's speaking ability by practicing the sounds of English such as: vowels & consonants along with the stress, rhythm, and intonation of English words and sentences
  • Improve your English accent by learning the sounds of English and getting the "feel" of how English is actually spoken every day
  • Remove bad habits and get training on how to correctly say the English sounds with much practice
  • Get confidence in speaking more naturally like a native speaker 
  • If you would like to speak with others in any type of context and you have trouble with various English sounds, stress, rhythm or intonation, then this class is for you
  • SMALL classes (10 students max.)
  • FREE class materials
  • Bus stop only 1 minute from school

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“I really enjoyed Victor’s ESL class. What he has taught me is very useful. It makes my future classes easier and makes me more confident to go to university.”
— Edward Jiang (China), Langley ESL
“I really want to thank you so much for the two weeks of classes and for everything you taught me in a great way. I enjoyed learning the things you taught me. Thanks to you I came to discover so many new things that every day I was more eager to come to class and try them out. I felt so open to talk to you about me, my family, my school and important issues, but especially about the comparison between Canadian and Italian habits that you were helpful to explain.”
— Cecilia (Italy), Victory ESL Student | Summer 2016
“The lessons at Victory ESL were interesting and useful. Victor was a very positive and helpful teacher. When we met with Victor, I could not speak English very well. Each time when I spoke, I was worried about my mistakes and pronunciation. Now I know that I can speak better. People around me understand me better. Also, I hear and understand what they speak. I am glad about what I learned and I can use some basic English grammar. Also, my pronunciation got better after practicing lots of different sounds. It is excellent. The progress was fast. The teacher was very friendly with the students and helpful if you had any problems. Being at the Victory ESL class is learning and having fun all at the same time.”
— Irina (Russia), Victory ESL Student | Fall 2016
“I am so happy to have had the opportunity to study at Victory ESL. Victor is an amazing teacher, very polite, patient, and he is able to teach the way that we can really learn and also have some fun. The classes were very dynamic, he was always working with what I needed to improve, sending me extra material by email to help in my mistakes. To learn and improve a new language is not easy at all, but when you have a good support it is less difficult, and the classes were never boring, there was always something different — theatre and some games that I was able to learn and have fun at the same time. So if you need to improve your English, you are at the right school, I am sure you will be like me and miss the classes very much already. You can study with different people from other countries, which is a very good way to improve your listening, so what I can say is the classes really helped to improve my speaking, listening, and also writing. I had a problem with pronunciation of past sentences & words, and Victor helped me a lot, I am still learning but the classes were really helpful. I highly recommend to you Victory ESL, I am sure you will not regret :)”
— Ana (Brazil), Victory ESL Student | Fall 2016