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Work in Abbotsford Resources

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Are you looking to work in Abbotsford? Then I have a good website to help you find many different types of jobs that are specifically located in the city of Abbotsford. A really helpful place to find information is AbbotsfordWORKS, which is part of an organization called WorkBC.  There are three locations:

1. Abbotsford Works

103- 33255 S. Fraser Way Abbotsford, BC Ph: 604.859.4500

2. Apollo Centre

203-3600 Townline Rd. Abbotsford, BC Phone: 604.859.7686

3. Triangle Community Resources

33760 Essendene Ave. Abbotsford, BC 604.859.0033

Now if you are looking to find work in Abbotsford, you can also visit this website: WorkBC Job Postings in Abbotsford. This should help you look at a lot of jobs that are available in the city.  If you have any other questions please contact one of the three offices.