ESL Classes in Chilliwack


If you are a Chilliwack ESL student, visitor, worker, permanent resident, or citizen, you are welcome to register for English classes at VICTORY ESL, home of English for Every Day.  If you are looking for excellent ESL classes in the summer, fall, winter, or spring, then give us a call at: 604.755.7976 or e-mail us at: to book an appointment and get a spot in one of our many excellent ESL Classes.


Need a bus to Victory ESL?

There also is a bus from Chilliwack to a bus stop 5 minutes from Victory ESL!



We help many Chilliwack ESL students in Abbotsford, which is only about 20 minutes from Chilliwack since we are located by the Mt. Lehman Exit #83 (3440 Mt. Lehman Rd), and only a few minutes from the HighStreet Mall. Even in Chilliwack, it can take 20 minutes to go from Sardis or Promontory to Agassiz or rural Chilliwack, so come to Victory ESL and improve your English! If you need to speak English with your child's teacher, order food at a restaurant, pass a test to enter university, become an immigrant of Canada, or upgrade your English to find a job, Victory ESL is here for you! 


Are you an ESL student and you are new to Chilliwack? Are you looking for English / ESL classes in Chilliwack?  Then you have a few options: 1) Chilliwack Community Services 2) Chilliwack Library

Chilliwack Community Services

First go to Chilliwack Community Services and click here: FREE English Classes Chilliwack        These English classes are free and provided by the government to help new immigrants settle in Chiliwack.  Please contact Michelle Price at (604) 393.3251 or or e-mail at

These classes run from September - June and there are morning and evening classes available for you.

Chilliwack Library

In addition to ESL classes in Chilliwack, you also have the opportunity to receive FREE speaking practice at the Chilliwack Library. Please click on the following: FREE Speaking Practice at Chilliwack Library