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Connect Conversation
Levels 3-5

Canada Language Benchmark: 4-8

  • Small classes: 5 students max
  • Free class materials
  • Bus stop only 5 minutes from school
  • Learn to have meaningful conversations

Aim of this class

The goal of this class is to help students really connect with others in both areas of listening and speaking. 

Who should take this class

If you have trouble connecting with others due to listening or speaking, or if you have difficulty making conversations with others due to inexperience or slowness of speech, this class is for you.

What's involved in this class

We practice having real conversations so that you get the experience you need in order to learn new vocabulary with a range of topics and questions to foster dialogue between students in the class. 

Having a conversation involves both listening and speaking, so we really support you in becoming more competent and confident in hearing what others are saying as well as what you are saying.

Before Victory ESL, I could not speak very well. Now, people understand me and I hear and understand what they say. The progress at Victory ESL was fast.
— Ira from Russia

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