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Harness High Intermediate
Level 4

Canada Language Benchmark: 6-7

  • Small classes: 8 students max

  • Free class materials

  • Bus stop only 5 minutes from school

  • Solid foundation of grammar for speaking and writing


Aim of this class

The goal of this class is to harness your speaking ability to new heights as you continue to learn to speak English in everyday situations such as in job interviews, talking with co-workers, presenting in front of others, making small talk, handling disputes with neighbours, and more.  Added to this class is a grammar component for those wishing to improve their writing and speaking even more.

Who should take this class

If you would like to find a second-level job, study at a Canadian university, speak English at a higher level with native-speakers and learn the finer details of English sentences, this class is for you.

What's involved in this class

We provide a safe environment where you get to present speeches, do role-plays, and learn to make small talk with one another.  We also review the verb tenses to ensure that each student has an excellent understanding of how to navigate the English terrain of the past, present, and the future.

We also have added a grammar component to improve your English sentence structure especially for writing, and give you practice to write with a Canadian style of writing, while you are also given quick feedback on how to grow in this.

English is an incredibly fantastic language. Before my lessons at Victory ESL, it was a punishment for me. Now, I can enjoy the process!
— Nadia from Russia

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