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Hiking High Beginner
Level 2

Canada Language Benchmark: 2-3

  • Small classes: 8 students max

  • Free class materials

  • Bus stop only 5 minutes from school

  • Speak more confidently in simple sentences


Aim of this class

The goal of this class is to speak confidently in simple sentences through lots of listening and speaking practice using a variety of everyday topics in Canada. 

Receive a basic English foundation for those needing to get a very basic job in Canada.

Who should take this class

If you would like to get a very basic job in Canada or you would like to speak English more confidently in simple and coherent sentences, then this class is for you.

What's involved in this class

We practice through various methods and materials how to speak more confidently on everyday topics.

We also give students grammar practice for speaking, so that it helps others to understand the students better.

It was really fun. I made a lot of progress in my English at Victory ESL!
— Hokun from South Korea

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