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Incline Intermediate
Level 3

Canada Language Benchmark: 4-5

  • Small classes: 8 students max

  • Free class materials

  • Bus stop only 5 minute from school

  • Learn to speak more confidently and accurately with others


Aim of this class

The goal of this class is to help you gain confidence and make you feel comfortable speaking English to a broad range of people.  This class helps students develop their English ability so that those who would like to find an entry-level job in Canada would be able to find one after completing this class.

Who should take this class

If you would like to find an entry-level job in Canada, speak to your children's teacher at school, buy groceries, order food, book a hotel, or make an appointment at a doctor's office, this class is for you.

What's involved in this class

We help you learn to speak English for everyday situations through various methods such as role-plays, class discussion, and other exercises.

We also instruct you in grammar practice for speaking in the various verb tenses: past, present, and future.  These can be difficult for any language learner, so we try to simplify the process and focus on real-life English expressions to learn the skill of switching to different tenses in a conversation.


I had a problem with pronunciation of past sentences & words, and Victory ESL helped me a lot!
— Ana from Brazil

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