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Peak Pronunciation
Levels 3-5

Canada Language Benchmark: 4-8

  • Small classes: 8 students max

  • Free class materials

  • Bus stop only 5 minutes from school

  • Correct bad pronunciation habits


Aim of this class

The goal of this class is to improve one's speaking ability by practicing the sounds of English such as: vowels & consonants along with the stress, rhythm, and intonation of English words and sentences.

Improve your English accent by learning the sounds of English and getting the "feel" of how English is actually spoken every day.

Remove bad habits and get training on how to correctly say the English sounds with practice and immediate feedback.

Get confidence in speaking more naturally like a native speaker.

Who should take this class

If you would like to speak with others in any type of context and you have trouble with various English sounds, stress, rhythm or intonation, then this class is for you.

What's involved in this class

Each class you learn the various English vowel and consonant sounds and then you are tested them.  Once the sounds have been completed, we move on to the stress, rhythm, and intonation components of the English language and give you more practice and feedback on these important aspects.

The best course I’ve ever taken!
— Slawek from Poland

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